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President H

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A few years ago, my frequent editor and friend Stephen Jones gave me one of the best gifts I’ve ever received: the assignment to write a novel that would be a part of his Zombie Apocalypse! series. The series already had two anthologies when I was brought in to write the novel, with a third anthology  [ Read More ]

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My first yard haunt

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After 28 years in a second-story apartment, I moved into a house again in January of 2015. Does it sound crazy to say that we immediately began to imagine our first yard haunt? If you know my love of yard haunts, then it probably doesn’t sound totally whack. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen in October 2015  [ Read More ]

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The fiction of Halloween

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I’m obviously a big fan of Halloween fiction. At its best, it does more than just capture the seasonal feelings surrounding the beloved festival; it tells us something about ourselves – why we have an autumnal celebration of fear, what in us enjoys that…or even needs it. For a few years – before I became  [ Read More ]

New Wars and Dark Screams

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Over the last few years, I’ve been involved with the care of several elderly relatives (in January, I became the live-in caregiver to my 82-year-old mother). I’ve been to dozens of doctors, hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities. The latter in particular can be little trips through Hell, hidden beneath the polite moniker of “skilled nursing  [ Read More ]

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