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I’m obviously a big fan of Halloween fiction. At its best, it does more than just capture the seasonal feelings surrounding the beloved festival; it tells us something about ourselves – why we have an autumnal celebration of fear, what in us enjoys that…or even needs it. For a few years – before I became  [ Read More ]

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Malediction, my second novel, was released in print and e-book by Evil Jester Press in October 2013 and in various e-book formats by Cemetery Dance in September 2016. Malediction is about the cursed history of Los Angeles; a natural healer named Gwen who will have the limits of her abilities tested by May Blanco, a  [ Read More ]

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Here’s the classic tale of the Hollywood struggle filtered through the dark light of horror! Like Los Angeles’s famed Mulholland Drive, Lisa’s cinematic (mis)adventures wound through unexpected twists and turns, sometimes lured by the shining lights spread out just below Deadman’s Curve. Her career revs to a start as a model maker on Close Encounters  [ Read More ]


Over the last few years, I’ve been involved with the care of several elderly relatives (in January, I became the live-in caregiver to my 82-year-old mother). I’ve been to dozens of doctors, hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities. The latter in particular can be little trips through Hell, hidden beneath the polite moniker of “skilled nursing  [ Read More ]

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