hellmanorHell Manor was my second Halloween-themed novella. Published in trade paperback by Bad Moon Books and in e-book by Crossroads Press in 2012.

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Jack Lichtner is the genius behind Hell Manor, America’s most successful Halloween haunted house. Mazes, scare zones, live actors, special effects, crazy gore…Hell Manor’s got it all. But Jack gets in over his head when he hires Maeve, a mysterious woman with a penchant for bloody magic and murderous kin who want her back. This Halloween, Jack must use all his powers of illusion to fight off the real magic of the ancient tricksters who have invaded Hell Manor. Cover art by Philip Simpson.

Hell Manor received an Honorable Mention in Ellen Datlow’s The Best Horror of the Year Volume 5.

“Is there a horror writer better than Lisa Morton working in the small-press today?…a damned fine piece of fiction…The small behind-the-scenes glimpses we’re given into the inner workings of a Haunted House attraction are also wonderfully informative, and help immensely in setting the mood. I read this book about a week before Christmas, but for an hour, Lisa Morton made it feel like Halloween all over again.” – Dan Reilly, Horror World

“Lisa has really come into her own as a writer and is in my opinion one of the best writers in dark fiction today. With Hell Manor she gives us a tale where she draws upon her vast knowledge of Halloween…and what a tale it is. If you have ever gone to a haunted house attraction on Halloween, and who hasn’t, you will absolutely love this story.” – Peter Schwotzer, Famous Monsters

“I thought Morton had outdone herself last year with The Samhanach, but she continues to surprise me. This may be her best book yet…She’s the most powerful female horror author out there from what I’ve read, and I hope more people take notice of that. I highly recommend this book to everyone!” – Rhonda Wilson, Monster Librarian

“Lisa Morton’s Hell Manor is like being chained to the front of a runaway ghost train. Relentless in its pacing, and drenched in dark, Celtic magic, Morton delivers one fright after the next; leaving the reader with a shaky, post-nightmare buzz, well after the tale has come to an end. Highly recommended Halloween reading!” – Greg Chapman, author of Vaudeville, The Noctuary, Torment, and Midnight Theatre: Tales of Terror

Hell Manor is also available as part of the collection The Samhanach and Other Halloween Treats.

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