zawdmedZombie Apocalypse!: Washington Deceased is one of two novels that tie into the Zombie Apocalypse! anthology series edited by Stephen Jones.

Zombie Apocalypse: Washington Deceased is a tale of horror and political intrigue. As the United States attempts to recover from the devastating aftermath of a zombie uprising, Secret Service Director Sandra Steele tries to protect the new President from both the undead and the machinations of rival politicians and ruthless corporations. Meanwhile, a young man named Kevin Moon makes his way across the great American wasteland…and discovers along the way that he may be the most valuable man on earth.

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“An interesting view of the end of the world, Morton adds a flavour of intrigue and politics to the blood-thirsty proceedings. The story continues with a fast pace, as Morton thrills in this second novel in the series.” – Adrian Brady, Morpheus Tales #25