screamtradecoverHere’s the classic tale of the Hollywood struggle filtered through the dark light of horror! Like Los Angeles’s famed Mulholland Drive, Lisa’s cinematic (mis)adventures wound through unexpected twists and turns, sometimes lured by the shining lights spread out just below Deadman’s Curve. Her career revs to a start as a model maker on Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Abyss, and more, and skids through the highs and lows of making films in Hollywood in the 80s, complete with celebrity cameos. Learn how she’s worked nearly every creative role on a film set and on stage, read how she’s blossomed into a highly successful fiction writer, become the President of the Horror Writers Association, and – to her surprise – has found herself the world’s leading expert on Halloween! The journey is fun and funny, insightful and occasionally agonizing, but never dull.

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