On one magical night of the year—when the breeze is scented with dead leaves and pumpkin, when the days have grown shorter and winter’s first touch prickles your skin—the barrier between worlds is at its thinnest, and dark magic abounds. Whether it’s the legendary trickster Jack about to acquire his first lantern, a teenage girl beginning to discover her own alluring power, or a fallen angel seeking redemption, Halloween’s sinister spell enchants all.

The four novellas and ten short stories in this collection from Lisa Morton, one of the world’s leading authorities on Halloween, bring the ancient festival’s beauty and terror to vivid life. In the Bram Stoker Award®-nominated The Samhanach, a suburban mother’s world is turned upside-down when her daughter is taken by a legendary Scottish shapeshifter. The acclaimed Hell Manor pits a professional trickster against four of the malicious Irish sidh inside a haunted attraction. Other stories offer a young 1930s blues singer confronted by the Devil, a corn maze where a boy learns the real meaning of sacrifice, a rescue worker trapped in Edgar Allan Poe’s haunted woods of Weir, and a Halloween expert (named Lisa Morton) who discovers the real truth behind the Celts’ celebration of Samhain, the precursor to Halloween.

“Now it is your turn to chew on these tasty morsels of fear, delight, horror, and optimism. These treats are now all yours to unwrap and devour. In the words of The Devil’s Birthday, you are about ‘to join the best Halloween party imaginable.’” —Nancy Holder, Bram Stoker Award®-winning author

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • “Pumpkin Rex”
  • “The Devil Came to Mamie’s on Hallowe’en”
  • The Samhanach
  • “Finding Ulalume”
  • “Alive-Oh”
  • Summer’s End
  • “Tam Lane”
  • “The Halloween Collector”
  • The Devil’s Birthday
  • “The Legend of Halloween Jack”
  • “Sexy Pirate Girl”
  • Hell Manor
  • “The Maze”
  • “The Enchanted Forest”

Publication Date: October 20, 2017
Print Length: 354 Pages
Publisher: Trepidatio Publishing, an imprint of JournalStone