<Night Terrors & Other Tales is now out of print.>

An abused child finds comfort in the friendship of Frankenstein’s monster…a near-future Halloween party becomes an act of global terrorism…one of the world’s wealthiest men goes in search of his fate as he rots from within…Hans Holbein’s famed “Dance of Death” engravings are revealed to be an instruction manual…a man trapped on an isolated road confronts both a terrifying creature and the legacy of his tough-as-nails grandfather…

Night Terrors and Other Tales is the first major collection to gather together twenty of Lisa Morton’s finest short stories (chosen by the author herself). During a career that has spanned more than three decades, she has produced work that has been hailed as “consistently dark, unsettling, and frightening” (the American Library Association’s Readers Advisory Guide to Horror).

If you’ve never encountered Lisa Morton’s work before, you’ll find out why Famous Monsters called her “one of the best writers in dark fiction today.” If you’re already a fan, this collection will offer up a chance to revisit these acclaimed and award-winning stories. You’ll also find a new story here, written just for this collection: “Night Terrors” reveals ordinary people trying to cope with extraordinary and terrifying dreams that have spread like a plague.

The stories included are:

  • “Tested”
  • “Poppi’s Monster”
  • “Blood for the American People”
  • “Joe and Abel in the Field of Rest”
  • “Sparks Fly Upward”
  • “Love Eats”
  • “The New War”
  • “Black Mill Cove”
  • “The Ultimate Halloween Party App”
  • “The Resurrection Policy”
  • “Feel the Noise”
  • “The True Worth of Orthography”
  • “Erasure”
  • “The Rich are Different”
  • “Pound Rots in Fragrant Harbour”
  • “The End”
  • “The Secret Engravings”
  • “A Girl’s Life”
  • “Trigger Fate”
  • “Larue’s Dime Museum”
  • “Night Terrors”
Watch Lisa read the title story “Night Terrors”, followed by a Q&A (moderated by Carina Bissett) that took place live during StokerCon 2021.