The Art of the Zombie Movie cover

The Art of the Zombie Movie

Whether George Romero’s implacable, slow-moving monstrosities or the fleet-footed terrors of 28 Days Later, over the last several decades the zombie has ascended into the upper echelon of the of the movie monster pantheon—an elite […]

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Sparks Fly Upward

                        My breath is corrupt, my days are extinct, the graves are ready for me.                                                                                                 Job 17:1                         Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection…                                                                                                 Revelations 20:6 June […]


‘Tis the Season

The Halloween season, that is! Once again, I find myself making an effort to remember everything I’ve said and who I’ve said it to this year. Here’s what I can remember (and this list does […]


Spine Tinglers

Award-winning horror author and ghost expert Lisa Morton presents Spine Tinglers, a podcast featuring celebrity readers bringing some of Lisa’s most terrifying tales to life. With all-new stories crafted by Lisa and read by Dead […]



<Night Terrors & Other Tales is now out of print.> An abused child finds comfort in the friendship of Frankenstein’s monster…a near-future Halloween party becomes an act of global terrorism…one of the world’s wealthiest men […]