Photos and art from Meet the Hollowheads

edtoiletthm.jpg - 7642 Bytes lotebathroomthm.jpg - 10051 Bytes edphonethm.jpg - 3830 Bytes
Yep. Ed's toilet... ...and the final bathroom set (unfortunately this angle doesn't show the toilet - which we really did build) Ed's phone, complete with "baby bottle nipple earpiece"
edgrandpathm.jpg - 7119 Bytes lotedinnerthm.jpg - 5598 Bytes lotesplatthm.jpg - 9936 Bytes
One of the few of Ed's designs we couldn't build - Grandpa. Tom (to the right, with script in hand) rehearses the dinner between takes Joshua Miller and Matt Shakman with the Splatspray game
lotecrabneckthm.jpg - 6401 Bytes lotejoshthm.jpg - 6945 Bytes lotecrewthm.jpg - 6662 Bytes
Two of our make-up effects: Richard Portnow as the battle-scarred Crabneck rests between takes... ...and Joshua Miller delights in a costumed frog. The Life on the Edge Official Cast and Crew Photo, posing before Renmar's Stage 8, where our movie was shot. I'm near the front, slightly behind Matt Shakman and next to Tom Burman.

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