Each of the plays linked below is available in its entirety to read for free; more will be added from time to time. If you or your group is interested in performing any of these, please contact the author. Thank you.

Monologues:"I'm Not Norman" (Black Comedy/Woman) HTML MicrosoftWord
"Invisibility" (Horror/Woman)
"Reunion" (Drama/Man)
"The Street Poet" (Drama/Woman)
"The Territorial Imperative" (Horror/Man) HTML MicrosoftWord
Skits:"Office Politics" (Comedy/2 Men, 1 Woman)
"Roomies" (Black Comedy/2 Women) HTML MicrosoftWord
One-Acts:"All the Rage" (Suspense/2 Men)
"Falling to Pieces" (Horror-Black Comedy/2 Women, 1 Man)
"The Graveyard Reader" (Horror/2 Men, 1 Woman)
"Howlin' Monck and the Death of Music" (Horror/3 Men, 1 Woman) HTML
"Sane Reaction" (Horror/1 Man, 1 Woman) HTML MicrosoftWord
"Savings and Lones" (Horror/2 Men, 2 Women)
"Silver Nitrate Blues" (Horror/1 Man, 1 Woman)
"The Sins They Love to Act" (Suspense/2 Women, 3 Men)
"Sleeping Dogs" (Comedy/4 Women, 1 Man) Microsoft Word
"Too Young To" (Horror/2 Men, 1 Woman) HTML MicrosoftWord
Full-Length Plays:"Radio Free Albemuth" (Science Fiction/6 Men, 3 Women, 2 Either) MicrosoftWord
"Trashers" (Science Fiction-Comedy/7 Men, 5 Men) MicrosoftWord