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Signing with editor Jeremy Lassen for After Shocks This photo was taken during our signing for THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF DRACULA and CLIVE BARKER'S A TO Z OF HORROR. From left to right: Standing at left (in hat) is George Clayton Johnson; standing back row are Dennis Etchison, Peter Atkins, Ashley Laurence, Mark Carducci and Paul Clemens; standing middle row are Roberta Lannes, Christa Faust, Nancy Holder and Stephen Jones; seated are S. P. Somtow, David J. Skal, David Schow and Lisa Morton. Signing for my chapbook The Free Way: Standing are introduction author Roberta Lannes, cover boy Lonnie Schuyler and publisher Rocky Heck; seated are yours truly and co-publisher Jill Heck. This is me and my man Ricky Grove at the 1999 Stoker Awards (thanks to Pete Atkins for the photo!)
June 2003 signing for Dark Terrors 6 (photo by Mandy Slater): Mick Garris, me (with a copy of the book), Glen Hirschberg and Stephen Jones Another great shot from the Dark Terrors 6 signing (thanks, Mandy!): In the back row are George Clayton Johnson, Glen Hirschberg, Adam Simon and John Skipp; the front row are Dennis Etchison, Dylana Godfrey, Mick Garris, Nancy Holder, Stephen Jones, and Peter Atkins; I'm the disembodied head atop the book. This is the wonderful film critic Andy Klein and I at the December 2003 tribute to Leslie Cheung Kwok-wing in Los Angeles From the March 26, 2005 signing for the DVD of Blood Angels (at, of course, Dark Delicacies): From left to right, me, co-writer Brett Thompson, director Ron Oliver and star Shawn Roberts ("Jim"). Thanks for the photo, John Palisano!
Me and Steve Niles at the May 2006 signing for Mondo Zombie At the HWA's Bram Stoker Awards event on June 17, 2006, I was awarded the President's Richard Laymon Award. Here I am with the wonderful Mike Arnzen, a bunch of Stokers (including the two I accepted for Dark Delicacies), and my own award - it's the big glass one in front. My posse and me at the 2007 World Horror Convention: Me, Mike McCarty, Armand Constantine, John Palisano and Vince Churchill. Signing at the 2007 World Horror Convention with Deborah LeBlanc and Gary Braunbeck
Me and my Stoker-winning Unspeakable Horror editor Vince A. Liaguno at the 2009 Stoker Weekend (thanks to Vince for the pic!) Dennis Etchison and I during the June 14th, 2009 signing for Midnight Walk. On December 18th, 2010, Pete Atkins and I sign The Mammoth Book of Zombie Apocalypse And two years later, Pete and I sign the follow-up book Zombie Apocalypse: Fightback, and wish our editor Stephen Jones a happy birthday!
With bestselling author Heather Graham at the Son of Monsterpalooza signing on 10/26/12 for Trick or Treat: A History of Halloween. Collecting the Grand Prize Award at the Halloween Book Festival for Trick or Treat: A History of Halloween (on October 29, 2012).

The 2007 Stoker Awards Presentation:
Here I am accepting the Anthology award for Mondo Zombie on behalf of John Skipp (and wearing his preferred sunglasses!). In the background are Peter Crowther, Ellen Datlow and Joe Lansdale (thanks to Bill Gagliani for the photo!) Accepting my Short Fiction award from Gary Braunbeck and Tim Lebbon (thanks again, Bill G.!) The 2006 Stoker winners (from left): Peter Crowther (Specialty Press Award), Kim Paffenroth (Non-Fiction), Gary Braunbeck (Fiction Collection), James Young (accepting for Lifetime Achievement Award winner Thomas Harris), Joe R. Lansdale (Anthology, also accepting for Long Fiction winner Norman Partridge), Jonathan Maberry (First Novel), Michael Largo (Non-Fiction), me (Short Fiction, also accepting for Anthology winner John Skipp) (thanks to Roberta Lannes for the swell pic!)
The fateful envelope! (Thanks to Hank Schwaeble for grabbing it for me!) My Stoker Award and my 2006 Richard Laymon President's Award
The 2009 Stoker Awards Presentation:
Me and my man Richard Grove during the banquet The 2009 Stoker Winners Line-up: (Left to right) Chad Helder and Vince A. Liaguno (Anthology Award for Unspeakable Horror), me, F. Paul Wilson (Lifetime Achievement Award winner), Lisa Mannetti (First Novel, The Gentling Box), Larry Roberts (Specialty Press Award, Bloodletting Press), Sephera Giron (the Silver Hammer Award), John R. Little (Long Fiction, Miranda, and the President's Richard Laymon Award John Little and I (thanks to John for these 2009 photos)
The 2010 Stoker Awards Presentation:
Onstage in Brighton to accept the Long Fiction prize for The Lucid Dreaming Three happy winners: Hank Schwaeble (First Novel), me, and Ray Russell (Specialty Press Award) (Photo by Peter Coleborn) The 2010 winners lineup (left to right): Norman Prentiss (Short Fiction), Michael Knost (Non-fiction), Brian Lumley (Lifetime Achievement Award), Tanith Lee (WHC Grandmaster), Hank Schwaeble (First Novel), me, Ray Russell (Specialty Press Award), and James Herbert (WHC Grandmaster). (Photo by Peter Coleborn)
The 2011 Stoker Awards Presentation:
The 2011 winners lineup (left to right): Angel Leigh McCoy (Silver Hammer Award), Bruce Boston (Poetry Collection), Rocky Wood (presenting the Richard Laymon Award), Benjamin Kane Ethridge (First Novel), Norman Prentiss (Long Fiction), Peter Straub (Novel), Ellen Datlow (Lifetime Achievement Award and Anthology), me (for First Novel) (Photo by Tony Lopez)