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Good evening, horror family.I’m going to start this by asking for your indulgence, because I’m about to do something tonight I rarely do in public: I’m going to brag a little.I’m going to brag because as I look around and see some of the best writers in ANY genre gathered together in a city whose  [ Read More ]

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The Art of the Zombie Movie

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Whether George Romero’s implacable, slow-moving monstrosities or the fleet-footed terrors of 28 Days Later, over the last several decades the zombie has ascended into the upper echelon of the of the movie monster pantheon—an elite tier once reserved only for vampires, werewolves, and Frankenstein’s monster. Featuring over 500 posters, lobby cards, pressbooks, stills, and props  [ Read More ]

Can ancient magic exist in the modern world? When Kayla’s sister Hailey went missing in the nearby Ghost Woods on Halloween night, the last person to see her was the solitary, elderly Brigid. Kayla, who has long suspected Brigid of being involved with Hailey’s disappearance, dreads the first anniversary of her sister’s vanishing even as  [ Read More ]

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Sparks Fly Upward

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                        My breath is corrupt, my days are extinct, the graves are ready for me.                                                                                                 Job 17:1                         Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection…                                                                                                 Revelations 20:6 June 16 Tomorrow marks one year ago that the Colony was begun here, and I think just about everyone is busy  [ Read More ]

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