THE SAMHANACH, published by Bad Moon Books in 2010. Cover art by Frank Walls. Trade paperback.

Lesley Bannatyne, author of Halloween: An American Holiday, an American History, says, “Morton has disinterred centuries-old folklore to breathe life into a little-known Halloween monster. The Samhanach goes right to the crux of our deepest fears – the abduction of our children-and pits the power of family against the terror of a shapeshifting killer bent on revenge. Deeply and darkly disturbing.”

Joe McKinney, author of Quarantined and Apocalypse of the Dead, says, “The Samhanach is a deceptively complex little book. Densely layered with Lisa Morton’s encyclopedic knowledge of Halloween, it nonetheless moves with the lightning pace of a top-notch thriller. It evokes the Gothic through a family curse, the terror and wonder of the faery realm, the horror of arcane rites and ceremonies, yet still manages a delightfully scathing critique of what modern American suburbia has done to this ancient custom. Lisa Morton has recaptured Halloween and made it terrifying again. I found The Samhanach brilliant through and through.”

“Lisa has crafted a wonderful tale that really captures the spirit of classic Halloween tales. The Samhanach can stand with it’s demonic head held high in the company of such greats as The Halloween Tree and Dark Harvest. Lisa Morton has captured the essence of a great fireside story, I could imagine my Grandfather on a chilly October night, pipe in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other trying to chill to us with his tales of Scottish monsters.” – Ginger Nuts of Horror

“Lisa Morton delves into ancient Celtic folklore to weave an imaginative Halloween tale that recalls the origins of the holiday and the bogies that lurk in the dark. The story takes on a great dark fantasy twist when Merran has to enter the dark fairie realm in order to save her daughter from the shape-shifting Samhanach. With vivid descriptions of the fairie world and the devastation caused by the Samhanach, as well as beautiful cover art by Frank Walls, this is a great novella to add to your collection. Recommended.” – Colleen Wanglund, Monster Librarian

The Samhanach is another home run for Lisa Morton. Fans of Halloween fiction should not pass this one up. Get yourself a copy and read it on Halloween night! Highly recommended!” – David Agranoff, Monster Librarian

“I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fast and creepy read this Halloween, or any day, for that matter!” – Rhonda Wilson, Monster Librarian


The Samhanach was nominated for the 2010 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Long Fiction.

The Samhanach was listed at the top of The Monster Librarian’s Top Picks for 2011.

The Samhanach is currently out of print in any stand-alone form, but may be acquired used via . It’s also included in the collection The Samhanach and Other Halloween Treats.