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Malediction, my second novel, was released in print and e-book by Evil Jester Press in October 2013 and in various e-book formats by Cemetery Dance in September 2016. Malediction is about the cursed history of Los Angeles; a natural healer named Gwen who will have the limits of her abilities tested by May Blanco, a teenaged psychotic who possesses destructive supernatural abilities; a disgraced folklore professor who is himself the victim of a historic curse; and the ghost of Petra de Feliz, a nineteenth-century Californio who now haunts the rich land that should have been hers.

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Malediction was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Novel.

Here I am talking about Malediction as part of HWA’s “Know a Nominee” series.

The Lower Animals, a prequel novelette involving folklore professor Sam West and his soon-to-be wife Gil, is now available in a Kindle e-book from Amazon.

This is the cover of the print edition released by Evil Jester Press (now out of print)

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