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Can ancient magic exist in the modern world? When Kayla’s sister Hailey went missing in the nearby Ghost Woods on Halloween night, the last person to see her was the solitary, elderly Brigid. Kayla, who has long suspected Brigid of being involved with Hailey’s disappearance, dreads the first anniversary of her sister’s vanishing even as  [ Read More ]

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The fiction of Halloween

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I’m obviously a big fan of Halloween fiction. At its best, it does more than just capture the seasonal feelings surrounding the beloved festival; it tells us something about ourselves – why we have an autumnal celebration of fear, what in us enjoys that…or even needs it. For a few years – before I became  [ Read More ]


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The Devil has always lurked in the shadows, tempting man through his dreams and thoughts. But one night a year – Halloween, when the veils between worlds are at their thinnest – Satan visits the earth to personally lure the unwary and greedy. Sathariel is a fallen angel who has fought the Devil on Halloween  [ Read More ]

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Two of horror’s favorite authors have joined together for the first time to write an unforgettable story. By Insanity of Reason is the story of Crystal, a woman whose life has been shattered by a chain of mysterious murders. Her husband, Richard, struggles to help…or is he working against her as she tries to regain  [ Read More ]

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