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Good evening, horror family.I’m going to start this by asking for your indulgence, because I’m about to do something tonight I rarely do in public: I’m going to brag a little.I’m going to brag because as I look around and see some of the best writers in ANY genre gathered together in a city whose  [ Read More ]

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When you spend fifteen years caring for a dementia patient/parent, it can be easy to lose track of the good things. Here’s the truth about dementia: it isn’t just about forgetting what you had for breakfast, or wandering around the neighborhood because you no longer know where you live. Those things are bad enough, but  [ Read More ]

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(Originally appeared in Birthing Monsters: Frankenstein’s Cabinet of Curiosities and Cruelties, 2018, Firbolg Publishing) “It was not then a dream, a chimera, the fruit of an over-heated imagination! but a mysterious and infallible messenger, which, dispatched from the world of spirits, had passed close to him, had placed itself by his couch, and by its  [ Read More ]

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‘Tis the Season

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The Halloween season, that is! Once again, I find myself making an effort to remember everything I’ve said and who I’ve said it to this year. Here’s what I can remember (and this list does not include a number of private talks I gave to various companies and organizations): “Spooky Evenings” presented by Wesleyan University  [ Read More ]

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